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Jan York Romary

Born in Palo Alto, Jan was the first woman to compete in six Olympic Games

West Coast

Fencing Archive

Ralph Faulkner and Polly Craus

Two-time Olympian Faulkner coached Polly Craus to a National title and an Olympic berth

West Coast

Fencing Archive

Sal Giambra, Emily Romaine, Hans Halberstadt, Helene Mayer, Bunny Fratessa

Clubmates in Germany in the 1920s, Hans and Helene reunited in San Francisco at Halberstadt Fencers Club

West Coast

Fencing Archive

Michael D’Asaro

After experiencing San Francisco’s Summer of Love, in 1967 Michael became the coach at Halberstadt Fencers Club

West Coast

Fencing Archive

György Piller and Gerard Biagini

At the Fairmont Hotel in 1958, Piller demonstrates a foil lesson with San Francisco native Biagini

Charles Selberg

Fencing Master at UC Santa Cruz, member of a team that won gold at the World Master’s Championships

Preserving Fencing History

The passion for fencing history you’ll find reflected here on the West Coast Fencing Archive can be traced to the legacy of Charles Selberg.

An exceptional teacher and storyteller, Charlie brought fencing history to life for his students through his vivid tales of great fencers and famous bouts.

His estate, filled with posters, photos, scrapbooks and other fencing memorabilia, became the initial collection for the Archive. Since then, we have incorporated sixty more collections and counting.

The Latest Story

College Annuals vs Space

College Annuals vs Space

At some point I will outgrown my available storage. It’s not in any way imminent, but down the road it will be something to deal with.  Storage space wasn’t a consideration when I began to purchase relatively low cost university annuals on Ebay.

Other Tales from the Archive

The Last Captain


For fifty years, the Hungarian National Sabre team had two constants: they took home gold in every tournament they entered and they had George Piller.

This is the story of Jekelfalussy (Piller) Gyorgy, the 1932 Olympic Sabre champion who defected to the United States during the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne.

By Doug Nichols and Greg Lynch

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Have something to share or add? Our goal is to capture the stories we know are out there. Plus photos, videos, home movies, posters—you name it. All this material helps preserve the stories of West Coast fencing.

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