First Prize trophy for the 1953 Halberstadt Sabre tournament.  Han Halberstadt would customize a sabre each year for the annual sabre event with unique engraved plates and custom badges affixed to the guard.  This one bears a tiny version of the enameled pin Hans created to advertise the club.  This sabre, along with three others in the Archive collection, was won by Salvatore Giambra.  Giambra began fencing at one of the Italian sport clubs in San Francisco under the tutelage of Eduardo Visconti.  After Visconti retired, Giambra represented, at different points in his career, both the Olympic Club and the Halberstadt Club.  He was selected to be the Team Captain for the 1948 Olympics fencing squad.  Giambra won the Halberstadt Sabre tournament a total of five times.  Four of his sabre prizes reside in the Archive collection, courtesy of his daughter.  The fifth was donated to San Francisco’s Olympic Club.

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