Collector pin from 1978 Women’s Foil, Como, Italy.  This Italian international women’s foil competition ran for decades at the Villa Olmo on the shores of Lake Como in Italy near the Swiss border.  Looking at it using the 3D viewer in Google maps, Villa Olmo looks like a swell place to be, fencing or no fencing.  There are a number of examples of this badge from different years of this tournament to be found on Ebay and other international selling platforms.  The earliest I could find was dated 1958.  There were no examples with dates later than this that I could find.  The pins from this tournament are quite collectible and some are pretty pricey.  Two-time Olympian, two-time US National Women’s Foil champion Gay D’Asaro attended this competition in 1978 and came home with this pin for her collection.

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