Fran Carter’s 4th Place medal, 1956 Helene Mayer.  Fran’s married name in 1956 was Matthies.  Mounted on a felted cardboard backing.  The three who finished ahead of Fran at the 3rd running of the Helene Mayer Memorial Women’s Foil were Janice Lee Romary, fencing Unattached, Maxine Mitchell, fencing for the LAAC and Alice Gerakin, Faulkner School of Fencing.  Fran was representing the Halberstadt School of Fencing.  Romary and Mitchell both fenced in the Melbourne Olympics in 1956, where Maxine shredded a tendon in her right arm and was eliminated in the 2nd round.  Jan finished 4th for the second time.  Maxine fenced the 1957 season left handed, made the finals at Nationals and won her “A” rating.

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