Dateline: February, 2014.  My afternoon with Delmar Calvert, French-trained fencing master, winner of the French Croix de Guerre, former member of the Foreign Legion, and all around nice guy, was a wonderful experience and we’ve finally found a nice bit of the interview to put forth on the web.

I just finished watching the latest Cuba tournament on the live stream on YouTube, so this is an appropriate post-weekend bit, as he discusses his experience in Cuba.  Here’s a picture of the 1969 group of Americans at the World Championships:

Delmar in front.Cuba

Delmar Calvert, kneeling, 2nd from left.  Many other familiar faces tucked in here, as well.

And, since I have it handy, here’s the poster from the event:

1969 Cuba WC.01

A reproduction I picked up years ago.  I love this graphic look.  I wonder if the designer took a photo of famous Cuban fencer Ramon Fonst to work from for the design?  Seems possible, at least.

But hey, if you’re going to have the World Championships, why stop at a single poster design?

1969 Cuba WC.02


Still, I wasn’t there and Delmar was.  Let’s hear from him!


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