Rather than making things suspenseful, as in, “How will I ever learn how to fence properly if the West Coast Fencing Archive doesn’t continue to post more of the Selberg Instructional Series?!” sort of suspense, I’ve opted for stringing the next three installments together in a single post.  We have the technology; let’s use it to our benefit!

For those of you in the dark, check out the first two posts with Parts One and Two from last year:



All caught up?

This one works the same way.  A ‘course notes’ sheet, usually a single page, accompanied each segment of the learning process.  Since we’re skipping merrily through 3 segments like reading a Cliff Notes edition of ‘How To Fence’, below are the write-ups for our three parts:

Part Three: Footwork

MFT Guide.03

Part Four: The Lunge

MFT Guide.04

Part Five:  Conditioning Exercises in Body Work

MFT Guide.05

After all that reading, you need a nice video break!  Here are the segments from the 1971 Charles Selberg Super-8 Instructional Film Loops, titled “Modern Foil Techniques”, Parts 3, 4 & 5.  Enjoy!

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