Alan Buchwald, if memory serves, sponsored The Buchwald Open in honor of his grandfather.  While not a fencer, Alan said his grandfather would have appreciated the energy of the fencing.  I don’t know if Alan’s grandfather was from Santa Cruz, but that’s certainly a very Santa Cruzian sentiment, so I’ll imagine that he was. (He was from Austria) The first of this series – it was held for five years – was held at Cabrillo College.  Not a terribly strong field, the photos, taken by my brother Garry, at least show off very clearly ‘how we did things in the ‘80’s’.  This series of three shots should show you what I mean:

Ground 1

Ground 2

Ground 3


I’m fairly certain that current foil rules have specificity regarding ground fighting.

Although, some folks got things right:


Cohen v Goldbeck

Terry Cohen, a Cabrillo fencer, attacking Steve Goldbeck from San Francisco.



Chalkboard for full disclosure.


Each year, Alan provided a sword for the winner and kept a perpetual trophy.







Buchwald trophy.3

…and he still has that perpetual trophy!  Thanks Alan!

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