In 1980, Len Carnighan, then coach at Cabrillo Community College in Aptos, CA, hosted a tournament seeded with three of the top fencers in the area.  Greg Massialas, Peter Burchard and Joy Ellingson were invited to be the top 3 seeds in the final, a direct elimination of 16.  The other 13 places in the finals would be the results of an open held on the day prior to the final.  Over 50 fencers competed for the final spots.  My brother Garry, that faithful photographer, brought his camera to capture some of the action.



Some of the finalists:

L-R: Randall Kostick, Steve Yoshinaga, Debra Allen, Diane Russell, Harold Hayes, Paul Pavelko, Laurel Clark, Noel Hankla


More finalists:

L-R: Paul Pavelko, Laurel Clark, Noel Hankla, Doug Nichols, John Ryan, Kevin Kelsen

Interestingly, somehow the communication with Peter Burchard was scrambled and he showed up simply to accompany Greg Massialas, only to find out he was expected to fence in the final.  He had to borrow all the equipment to fence.


Peter Burchard on guard in his borrowed gear.  I think only the shoes were his.

Harold v Noel

Harold Hayes low against Noel Hankla up top.

Steve v Kevin

Steve Yoshinaga on the march against Kevin Kelsen

Debra v Laurel

Debra Allen goes for the back as Laurel Clark ducks.  Gay D’Asaro in the foreground directed the final.

Doug v Peter

Yours Truly against Peter Burchard.  This touch didn’t turn on a light. So glad I have a record of that shining moment in the sun.

Greg v Kevin

Greg Massialas picks up the attack of Kevin Kelsen.

The final bout ended up with Greg facing Peter for first place, and thus first pick of the prizes.


Peter v Greg 1

Peter Burchard attacks from the left as Greg Massialas attempts a parry.



Peter v Greg.2

Peter picks up Greg’s fleche.

Peter went on to beat Greg in the final match, which probably proves something about borrowed equipment or a relaxed state of mind.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere, I think.  Maybe I’ll ask Peter next time I see him.

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